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the words flow from our fingertips...

to create writing worthy of all.

An Original Fiction Community! :)
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Flowing Fiction--an Original Fiction Community


this community is a starting original fiction community. i wanted somewhere where everyone could post their work in segments/chapters/and so on, and not be afraid to get some friendly constructive criticism. :) You can post ANYTHING here (except for fanfictions!). ^^ You don't always have to post a piece of writing--you can ask others for ideas on what to write, or tell us what you're thinking of writing...anything to do with (original) writing!


The rules for this community are few and simple.
/-\ be nice if you're going to critique someone else's work--unless they say in their post that they don't care.
/-\ put your writing behind an lj-cut. if you are writing, say, the sixth chapter of a story, make sure to link to the previous chapters for first-time readers.
/-\ add the title, warning, chapter (if one.), summary, and author's notes at the top of your post.

ex: take out the spaces in the codes!

< b >Title:< /b > _______
< b >Warning:< /b > ______
< b >Chapter (if one):< /b > ____
< b >Summary:< /b >_____
< b >A/N (author's notes--if any)< /b > _______

< lj-cut text="chapter name" >

*writing piece here*

< /lj-cut >


if you don't abide by the rules of the community, or you blatantly type out your hatred for a story, you will be banned. you will first get three chances--each time, the comment will be deleted and you will get a private message saying to stop. this community, although open to opinions, will not tolerate idiocy or cruelty. no one will be belittling anyone else here--we're all writers, so let's just focus on the writing, mmkay?


the moderator, moi, is yokobue. if you have any questions, please email me at kyon.kyon@hotmail.com.

now, go and enjoy!